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We are RoyalMen.com, a group of entrepreneurs, and we have always built our businesses within the digital world. We have produced numerous advertising campaigns around the world for A brands and premium products. This has enabled us to sell millions of products for billions of euros, in particular global and exclusive brand name products.

We not only sell luxury fashion products for major fashion brands, but all kinds of products from chic watches, the newest gadgets and campaigns for luxury car brand names, to super foods and the well-known FMCG brands you have in your everyday shopping cart.

Started out as a group of friends

The above group of men gets together once every quarter. We have a wonderful dinner and plenty of drinks. We celebrate life and have a lot of fun together. “Work hard, play hard” is our number one motto. We also brainstorm and discuss new ideas, brain farts and opportunities during these dinners. We think about our work 24/7: what kinds of products are today’s hip consumers looking for? Which of our campaigns are yielding results, what creative work is making an impact and what results make you proud? Can we help each other or give each other ideas? What is the most effective way to deliver the best quality and service?

But, it’s also about: what really sparks our enthusiasm. How can we show the world what we are really passionate about and how can we impress our beautiful women, or (future) dates [wink]?

Luxury bracelets for men

The idea behind Royal Men was introduced during one of these dinners. It turns out that one of our friends had just bought a chic new bracelet. He was full of pride when he showed us his wonderful masterpiece. It came from an exclusive store that clearly targets its products toward the successful, fashion-conscious man with money. It is an amazing, personal piece of jewelry that looked great next to the watch he was already wearing. It was to die for, so hot and hip! We all secretly wanted one just like it.

However, friends are honest with each other. Always. And if you looked really closely, you could see that the quality was somewhat lacking. Could it have been better? The product could have been a little more elegant, more refined. The quality of the materials fell a little short. The service was average and the shopping experience was not completely perfect. “We should be able to make a better and more refined bracelet, don’t you think? “ A new idea was born; that night marked the beginnings of RoyalMen.com.

When I got home, I told my girlfriend the story of the bracelet and showed her a picture from the evening before. I told her the whole story. My girlfriend (also an entrepreneur) said: if you can find more refined, higher quality stones, I will make one for you. But better!

Tropical destinations for most exclusive stones, gold and silver

It ended up being even more difficult to find exceptional materials than we had first thought. Our inside, friendly group joke was now becoming more serious, so we decided to create a real product in which we would also invest a serious amount of money to perfect “our product”.

We contacted numerous suppliers to try and locate the best stones, gold and silver beads, skulls and other items for our bracelets. However, the quality fell short time and again. The stones, beads and other items were not quite good enough. The gold-plated silver began to peel after a while and the silver started showing through. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we would not be able to obtain the right, top quality materials from remote, external suppliers.

Therefore, it was high time to get on a plane and make some new friends in tropical places. We were only able to elevate the quality of our products to exclusive levels by going directly to the source to conduct extensive quality control and select the best materials and production lines on site.

We have been using these exclusive stones, silver and gold elements, in our original Royal Men bracelets ever since. Even with the best quality materials, it still turned out to be a challenge to make plated gold so durable that the silver would never show through. Despite these increasingly thicker layers of gold and protective coatings, the silver under the plated gold components always start to show through eventually on those parts where the beads get damaged (such as when the edges rub against your watch).

Therefore, RoyalMen has recently started selling the highly exclusive bracelets made with 14 carat gold, genuine solid gold “logo beads”, in addition to the silver and plated gold bracelets. It’s our top premium bracelet series, limited edition. Due to the high gold content, these products are only available as part of our most exclusive line.

In partnership with our friends and network, tailor-made exclusively for you with the utmost care and an eye for every detail

We produced the first highly limited edition of our new exclusive bracelets with the utmost care and an eye for detail. We shared these unique products with our group of friends to evaluate them for quality, durability and experiences. We got a huge response. Even people we didn’t expect to be enthusiastic indicated that they wanted one. “Can’t you make one for me too?”, “I would really like to get one for my boyfriend for his birthday!” and many more comments just like these. That was the reason why we, as a team, decided to commit to establishing RoyalMen.com, to be real entrepreneurs once again.

We have used our knowledge of online marketing, our network (after all, we are not designers) and different business contacts to take an exquisite product to market, our own product of which we are super proud. Exclusive, trendy, rugged and hip.

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(Below you can see how the professional images where made in the studio).

Behind the scenes @ Royalmen

Behind the scenes @ Royalmen

Behind the scenes @ Royalmen