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RoyalMen is an online hub for those seeking luxury and style. We sell some of the most exclusive fashion products for men, and our jewelry features all natural gemstones as well as real silver and gold elements. Whether you're treating yourself or purchasing a gift, our products make an impression. Unlike many other luxury brands, RoyalMen was created by a group of friends who are passionate about luxury products and are determined to offer high-quality bracelets and luxury items that we would wear ourselves.

The idea for RoyalMen began during a simple dinner party. We were brainstorming ideas that we thought would resonate with an audience of professional men, and we realized that there weren't any bracelets available for men that were made from the high quality, luxurious materials that we love. We all wanted to try pairing a stylish bracelet with our favorite watches, but couldn't find one that lived up to our expectations. With the help of other men and women in our lives, we began to put together a design idea for the most luxurious men's bracelet on the market.

All of our products are made with real gemstones, silver, and gold. We source our materials from remote tropical destinations and have total control over the production. One of our biggest goals is to make products that are durable and will last you a lifetime. These pieces are timeless, an item you would want to hand down to your children or grandchildren. We use the best protective coatings to keep plated gold lasting for as long as possible, and our new exclusive line also features 14 carat logo beads. These 14 carat gold products are the best quality on the market and add an elevated sense of style to your outfit.

Our products are hand-made with an eye for detail. When you receive your bracelet, we want every aspect to be perfect - fit for a Royal. We have a lifetime guarantee on our products, and they are handmade to fit your wrist. There's no one size fits all or confusing sizing charts. When you order one of our bracelets, they'll get here quickly, with FedEx delivery within two to three business days across the entire United States and Canada. Whether you are giving a gift at a celebration or have a special event coming up where you want to look your best, our bracelets will get there in time and elevate your look.

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Behind the scenes @ Royalmen

Behind the scenes @ Royalmen

Behind the scenes @ Royalmen